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How To Make A Goal That Inspires You To Action

[1] Start w/the Easy Pickin's, Step #2: Make an Audacious, Idealistic Goal

by Jared MacIlvaine in Out of Debt ASAP Chapters

What’s up ASAPers! Today marks week #4 of blogging out my new book, Out of Debt ASAP, live every Thursday! Enjoy Chapter 4!

Ok, it’s so obvious I’m almost embarrassed to say it…everyone knows that watermelons are shaped like an egg and not a cube. This is just basic, common knowledge, right? When a watermelon is left to grow on its own, you get a big, green, ovoidal product every time.

But, what if you wanted to break from the status quo and create a cube-shaped watermelon? How could you do that? Would it even be possible? Could you just think and wish really hard that your watermelon would grow into a cube? Not likely.

So, how in the world did these things come into being?

Look at those beautiful, perfectly-shaped, CUBED watermelons. They stack nicely and don’t waste any space…and they’re no accident. These things are all the exact-same-sized cube by design. Here’s a look under the hood:

Left to grow on their own, watermelons will do the naturally easiest thing…keep expanding outward in an ovoidal shape. However, the gardener has the choice to make the watermelon any shape he wants by engineering a strategy (and in this case, a plexiglass cube) to force the watermelon into growing how he pleases.

In the same way, if you let your debt pay-off go however the wind blows, it is likely to drag on for a really long time. You’d probably end up following exactly the payment plan that your bank has laid out for you. Or worse, you’d fall into the trap of a “graduated repayment plan” and wind up doubling your loan term and the interest you’ll pay on your loan, just for the sake of artificially lowering your payment each month.

BUT, by choosing a specific size and shape for your debt pay-off, you will naturally fit the mold you have engineered for yourself. For example, if you choose and commit with grit to pay off your loans in 5 years, you’ll rise to the occasion and pay them off in 5 years. If you commit with grit to a 3 year debt pay-off, you’ll pay them in 3 years, and finally if you commit with grit to 1 year or 18 months or 2 years, then guess what…you’ll pay off your debt in those amounts of time as well.