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by Jared MacIlvaine in Out of Debt ASAP Chapters

Well, it’s been about a year-and-a-half since I released my book Grit Vs Debt that tells the story of how Rachel and I paid off $72,500 of student loan debt in 20 months.

Since releasing my book, I have a learned a TON. I have been in contact with many of you–my readers–and continued to grow and expand my strategy for paying off student loans fast.

It’s kind of funny; in the last 2.5 years since paying off our student loans, I have continued to strategize–obsess even–about smarter, better ways to get out of debt quickly. This is because I want to help YOU get out of debt as soon as possible.

Being in debt sucks!

Especially student loan debt, because it typically looks like owing a massive balance on something that you can’t sell & can’t force to perform for you the way you thought it would when you took out your loans at your wise, insightful age of 18.

In April of last year, I created a video course called Out of Debt ASAP, where I laid out my whole strategy for paying off loans quickly. I would say it’s been a success, and I’ve had many happy students get the course and make big advances on their loan balances.

However, I’m also not happy with certain things about it. In particular, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to make my strategy more accessible for people while also making the incredible amount of work, time, & money that is needed to create real value for you guys worth it for me.

By keeping my best insights behind a paid course, I believe I have not given the best opportunity for you, my growing audience, to be guided on a path that is most likely to get you where I know you want to be: free from your debt.

So, in any way I feel I’ve failed you up until now, I am bound to fix it and continue to improve in building a movement of rapid debt eradicators…ASAPers, if you will.

All this has led me to lay out a new path forward for anyone wanting to take serious action against their student loan debt. I’m currently working on writing a new book titled:

Out of Debt ASAP: How to Hack Your Student Loans, Side-Hustle the Smart Way, and Get Out of Debt on YOUR Timeline

Sounds pretty cool, right? So, here’s the deal…I’m not just going to write this thing behind the scenes and then release it in some big launch.

Nope, I want YOU to be a part of shaping this book with me.

So, I’m going to release it to you in real-time, chapter-by-chapter on this blog, and the reason for doing that is two-fold. First, I want to get valuable tips and info out to you as soon as possible & populate this blog with loads of great content.

But more importantly, I want YOU to collaborate with me on this thing. As I release each chapter, I would love to see your feedback, comments, and questions in the comments section of each post so that I can know what additional things I should address in the book.

So, this is a collaborative project, and I want to invite YOU into it with me. Let’s create this thing together so that you–and thousands of others–can get out of debt ASAP!

Here’s how it will work:

Each Thursday over the next few months, I will release a new chapter of the book. I have simplified my entire strategy into 3 smart, simple steps, and each of those steps has 3 steps of its own.

Many of the posts will contain one of these actions steps, and they will be VERY practical and action-oriented in nature. As you follow along, you’ll be able to take action on each step and interact with me in the comments sections about how it’s going.

I’ll also occasionally do how-to posts on Mondays, as they relate to the most recent step outlined in the strategy.

With fingers crossed, I’m hoping to release the finished copy of the book on Amazon around the 4th of July this year (because, remember, this is all about your personal freedom!), and I will also be releasing a 30-Day Challenge to coincide with the content of the book.

Since the book will be mostly practical, actionable information, the 30-Day Challenge will act as a step-by-step guide for thoroughly implementing the strategy to the point where you will have a complete, smart, and calculated plan in place after 30 Days.

Once the challenge is completed, you’ll have figured out your audacious goal, your student loan hacking strategy, your budget, and most importantly, your Smart Side-Hustle strategy so that you can actually reach your goal of getting out of debt ASAP.

Did I mention that both the book and the 30-Day Challenge will be FREE?

Ok, I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty freaking excited about this thing, and we’ll be getting started a week from today where I’ll talk about why someone should even commit to paying off their debt fast in the first place.

Until then, go ahead and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so you can stay up-to-date as I blog this thing out!



Grab my free "5-Step Gameplan to Make a FAST Student Loan Debt Pay-off Inevitable"

it's free!
100% privacy guaranteed. No messin' around!