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Why grit?

What's the big deal about grit, and why is it the single most important component to paying off debt fast?



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by Jared MacIlvaine in Anti Student Loan Propaganda


It’s not just reserved for athletes, war heroes, or movie characters.

In fact, it’s more readily available for the average joe, for the underdog even…ya know, people like you and me.

That’s because everyone who has reached some sort of greatness in their life started as an ordinary person with an extraordinary goal.

Before I ever heard of Dr. Angela Duckworth and the term “grit”, I had begun to notice something in my life. I was 20 years old, and I was at the lowest of lows: I had several destructive addictions, I was 70 pounds overweight, anxious and depressed, not in college or moving forward in life, and I had a bad habit of chronically giving up.

My list of accomplishments could be summed up with a blank piece of paper.

I was absolutely fed up with my passive way of life, and I started to develop a massive chip on my shoulder. I had the odds stacked against me–in terms of my circumstances–and I knew that I wanted to pursue greatness in my life, help other people, live an adventurous life, start a family, and ultimately figure out a significant contribution I could make to the world.

I called that chip on my shoulder “stubborn determination and persistent focus”, and I used it to plow forward and prove all of the nay-sayers in my life wrong; to prove that I could be happy, successful, free of addiction, in shape, and a thriving producer in society.

Dr. Duckworth–who I mentioned earlier–has become famous for her research on grit; appearing on a very popular TED Talk, publishing a bestselling book, and being a respected expert in the psychology of success.

She defines grit as passion and perseverance for long-term goals.

The moment I watched her TED Talk and heard her explain grit as she sees it, I immediately connected it to that chip on my shoulder. I realized that GRIT was the single most important factor for the recent success I had been experiencing in my life.

You see, since developing that gritty chip on my shoulder, I quit every single one of my addictions, lost all 70 pounds, went on to run a sub-4-hour marathon, got married, started a successful construction business, and paid off all $72,500 of my wife and I’s student loan debt within 20-months of our wedding day.

And that was despite the fact that–at the time we got married–Rachel and I were only making $47,000 in combined annual salary and living in a city with a high cost of living.

In a period of about five years, my whole set of circumstances took a major swing from being at the lowest of low, to finding success in nearly everything I did.

I’m not saying any of this to toot my own horn, but rather I’m saying all this as a case for committing to grit. It truly was one of the biggest agents of change in my life, along with my faith and the people around me.

So, what does grit have to do with YOU and your debt pay-off?

Well, you may be surprised to hear this, but I don’t think grit should be applied towards “paying off debt”. I mean, it’s kind of hard to have “passion and perseverance” about paying off your student loans. It’s more like something we dread and feel sick to our stomachs about.

The important thing is knowing why you want to get out of debt…and being gritty about that.

For example, what are your student loans holding you back from?

  • Getting married?
  • Starting a family?
  • Buying a house or a car?
  • Going on some daring adventure?
  • Some world-changing idea?
  • Or just generally feeling free from your creditors?

I’m sure you can think of several things you’d love to do that your debt is holding you back from, and when you choose to be gritty about those things, you set yourself for success when approaching a fast debt pay-off.

Because–again–getting debt-free isn’t really that exciting in and of itself, but the RESULT of becoming debt-free is what’s worth getting gritty about.

So, grit…it’s THE x-factor for success, perseverance in the face of temporary failure, motivation, and actually achieving greatness in your life.

I encourage you to commit to grit and commit to paying off your student loans FAST, so you can move on to what you really want in life.

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Grab my free "5-Step Gameplan to Make a FAST Student Loan Debt Pay-off Inevitable"

it's free!
100% privacy guaranteed. No messin' around!